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Cyber Security

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Cyber security, data breaches and hackers; it’s in the news every day. Unfortunately cyber threats are everywhere and every business is at risk. As a small business owner, you likely conduct much of your business online and want to make sure your information is protected from malware, hackers and other security risks. As a CPA dealing with sensitive data I am only too aware of the growing risk to our cyber security. We recently partnered with LP3 SecureIT to produce a webinar for small business owners to help educate on cyber risks and how you can protect your business, data and yourself.Cyber Security
The information presented in this webinar was a real eye-opener. One of the biggest aha moments for me was how sophisticated the hackers are becoming and even when we think we’ve put protections in place, it is likely our business and data are still at serious risk. If you are concerned about keeping your business and data safe, even if you think you’ve put adequate security measures in place, and especially if you haven’t done this, I urge you to view the webinar. By doing so you will learn where your biggest vulnerability exists and best practices to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks. Listen to this fast paced and information packed webinar so that you can sleep better at night. View the video at Expert Webinar Series
Topics covered include;
* Cyber security trends
* Specific threats to small and medium sized businesses
* The 2 or 3 biggest vulnerabilities for small business
* External vs. internal threats and how to protect against both
* Pitfalls of basic security systems used by most small businesses
* Every day best practices that small business owners can implement to protect their data and business

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