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Remote & Outsourced Bookkeeping

Focus on your core business, and leave the accounting to us

We provide remote bookkeeping services, actually supporting the majority of our clients as their personal outsourced accountants. Our clients find that the productivity and convenience that our remote services offer simply can’t be matched by the traditional in-house bookkeeping arrangement. Our remote bookkeeping system frees our clients from having to babysit their bookkeepers, allowing them to get out of the office and conduct their businesses.

We are focused on providing our clients with customized remote bookkeeping solutions, as we understand every client situation is slightly different. Following is a sample of what your outsourced bookkeeping services may entail:

How it Works

  1. Client scans invoices, deposits, bank statements, credit card receipts, etc. on a high-speed desktop scanner
  2. That information is uploaded to our secure server
  3. Our bookkeeping staff processes the information, making the appropriate entries into QuickBooks accounting software
  4. You log in to your books online and can view the most current and up to date information
  5. Our CPA/Controller supervises and reviews the bookkeepers’ work, and is always available for financial review and questions.

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