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New Features of the Quickbooks 2012 Small Business Accounting Software

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Intuit has released QuickBooks 2012, the latest version of its popular small business accounting software, which introduces several new features. Users will find changes in reports, tracking of sales prospects, and timesheets. The Premier edition, which retails for a higher price, has some additional functional alterations.

The calendar in QuickBooks 2012 allows users to quickly see all pending events in a single view. This includes not only a to-do list but also upcoming deadlines for bill payment and submission of invoices.

One of the new features in QuickBooks 2012 reporting permits sharing of customized reports with other users in an online library. Another feature is the ability to apply existing Excel formatting to refreshed reports. There’s no more need to shift around rows in Excel when updating saved reporting formats. QuickBooks 2012 already has a library of over 1,000 custom reports.

Purchasers of the new small business accounting software have access to a Document Center to store and manage contracts, proposals, correspondences, and receipts. This permits attaching documents to lists inside QuickBooks. For example, a client file listed in QuickBooks 2012 can now have a memo, saved email, or contract attached. A vendor file can have the W-9 linked as an attachment. An employee name may contain attached employment documents.

Another new feature in QuickBooks 2012 is a center for tracking sales leads that has a similar look as the Customer Center, which was first created in earlier versions. Users can easily convert a name in the Lead Center into a customer with a single click. Intuit also provides a QuickBooks add-on for synchronizing with Salesforce, the web-based customer relationship management service. The QuickBooks Lead Center can store plenty of basic CRM data. The synchronization eliminates duplication of data entry into Salesforce.

The Document Center and Lead Center are modeled after popular features of Customer Center, Vendor Center, and Report Center in past QuickBooks versions. The Premier edition of QuickBooks 2012 also centralizes all inventory tasks in a new Inventory Center.

Users of QuickBooks 2012 can create time sheets in batches for multiple employees working the same hours. In addition, the Premier edition of QuickBooks 2012 permits time and expense billing in batch invoicing. This is an expansion of the batch invoicing for routine items introduced with QuickBooks 2011.

QuickBooks Pro 2012 has a suggested retail price of $230. The suggested retail price of Premier editions – including several industry-specific programs – is $400.

Intuit also has a QuickBooks 2012 Accountant edition. This is the solution for professional bookkeeping services that offers enhanced financial reporting. New features for the Quickbooks 2012 Accountant edition are an Accountant Center for easier navigation, the ability to create a small data file for a specific date range, and a function to copy features in an existing customer file into the set up of a new customer data file. With these new feature, Quickbooks 2012 remains a key staple in small business accounting software.

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