Scale Your Business

Create more time for growing your business with outsourced, automated, and web-based accounting and advice from advisors you trust. As specialists in helping startups grow, the accountants and advisors at Profitwise Accounting will help you minimize costs and maximize resources. You will grow quickly and profitably.

accounting services for startups accounting services for startups

Startup Accounting Services We Offer

Icon-Proper Tax Structure
Proper Tax Structure
Choose the right type of business to minimize taxes, such as an LLC, S corporation, or a sole proprietorship.
Icon-Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance
Avoid penalties and fees by paying all appropriate taxes accurately and on time.
Icon-Automated Processes
Automated Processes
Eliminate manual, monotonous tasks that don’t impact the bottom line.
Icon-Helpful Analysis
Helpful Analysis
We dig deep into your financials to form the most comprehensive possible picture of your performance. Then we break it down for you in plain English so you understand what you are doing well and what you could do better.
Icon-Accessible Assistance
Accessible Assistance
We are there when you need us. We respond to all client requests promptly, often within 24 hours.
Icon-Focus on Growth
Focus on Growth
Move more product and make more money by working on your business instead of your accounting.

Accountant Experts for Startups

Maximizing your financial profits in the first few years of doing business is critical, but many companies think they can’t afford an accountant. However, when they work with Profitwise Accounting, they find out that the benefits they receive are well worth the investment. You will find that too when we help you avoid accounting mistakes and operational errors that cause many startups to struggle. We will succeed together.

startup accounting services startup accounting services

Relatable Advisors

We are not boring accountants. We are energetic, engaging, and enjoyable to work with, according to our clients. Business owners appreciate the advice we give because they know we have extensive experience helping companies solve their accounting, tax, and business management challenges. 

accounting for startups accounting for startups
“The Profitwise team really understands how to keep clients on the right track. They bring so much more to the party than just solid accounting services.”

R. Marks, President, Strategies International