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Tax Coach

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Working with a Certified Tax Coach means proactive tax planning to put more money in your pocket. Certified Tax Coaches are professionals who know the loopholes, advise clients on how to take advantage of the loopholes and develop proactive tax strategies that will start saving you tax dollars today. Contrary to what many believe, the key to an effective tax strategy is more about categorizing “how” you earn revenue versus how much revenue you earn.

How it Works
Your proactive tax strategy starts with a brief interview. We will define where you are now and where you want to be as it relates to tax obligations. The interview involves just a few easy questions; no tons of paperwork to fill out here. Based on your responses, we determine the best tax strategy program for you.

Next, you’ll complete a simple tax questionnaire. By completing the questionnaire you’ll be outlining your financial, business and investment goals and detailing where the money currently goes. There is a little paperwork involved here but we can provide assistance to make this as painless as possible. You’ll just need to provide copies of past returns and some basic information on each business entity.

Once your tax questionnaire is complete, and tax strategy program defined, we go to work analyzing your information and developing a comprehensive Proactive Tax Strategy. You get a plan that identifies how much potential tax savings can be realized and the steps for achieving these savings. Our typical client saves over $15,000!

On-going support
Once you have your plan, we’re here to help you stay on track and make modifications as your business and financial picture evolve. You have the option for either monthly or quarterly consulting.

If you could benefit from tax savings, contact us now to schedule an appointment. 619-819-0252 or fill out the Contact Form.