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Small Business Tax Preparation & Planning

We can help you maximize your tax deductions

Nobody likes to pay taxes. And owning your own business makes tax season even more stressful. But as a small business owner, if you’re doing your taxes yourself or leaving the work to a generalized tax preparer, you may be harming more than your peace of mind. With the numerous new federal and California state tax laws being passed every year, it’s possible you’re missing out on valuable tax breaks that have great potential benefit for you and your small business.

Given the current economic situation, most people believe that tax rates can only continue to rise. Here at Profitwise, San Diego based accountants, we provide more than just small business tax services; we make it our goal to minimize your tax burden as much is legally possible. We draw from a deep knowledge of the tax code to provide you with every break you can get.

We understand that each client has a unique tax situation, as well as different goals to accomplish. We set up a tax structure that will help you meet your indiviudal goals, help fund your retirement, and keep you out of trouble.

We pride ourselves on always keeping you and your business compliant with all applicable tax laws.

Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

Tax Planning: We help minimize your tax burden as much as possible, both to your business and your personal life.

Entity Formation and Structure: Will you most benefit from being an LLC, an S Corporation, a Sole Prop, or something else? We use our knowledge and experience to help you decide.

Tax Returns: Take some of the burden off of yourself. Let us prepare your 1040, 1120, 1120S, Schedule C, 1065, or any other tax form.

Back Taxes and Collection Issues: We can help you with any back taxes that you owe, as well as collection issues involving wage garnishments, bank levies, liens, offer in compromises and installment agreements.

Audits and Appeals in Representation: We can assist with the IRS, EDD, FTB, and State Board of Equalization.

We are here for you.

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